Eating Right

What are empty calories?

Learn how to substitute unhealthy or "empty calorie" foods with healthy choices. Luigi Gratton is Vice Chairman of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board.

Generation H

Here is an opportunity to achieve financial independence in a fast growing market. Are you already tired of working for others, and want to be your own boss, with the flexibility that allows? Do you want to supplement your current income, earning extra cash for today or planning for the future? You are not alone..

Generation H is a group of like minded individuals working together within the company to achieve their dreams and goals.

Sports Nutrition and Athletes

Herbalife offers superior sports nutrition to keep athletes performing at their peak. This nutrition benefits in Herbalife® products can increase energy, improve endurance, provide focus and speed up recovery.

Herbalife Sports Nutrition Products


Herbalife Intelligent Core Nutrition

Your overall health is often affected by your body being deprived of the essential nutrients it needs to function properly, in short, a lack of balanced nutrition.

Most of us today lead busy, stressful lifestyles leaving us little time to make healthy food and drink choices. With fast food and convenient snacks readily available, your body often misses out on necessary vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein. The simple truth is that a surprising number of people are not getting the balanced nutrition that their body needs.

What your body needs is good balanced nutrition, food with low calories and good sources of protein, sufficient fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. This is where Herbalife's Core Nutrition products and Basic Wellness Programme can help.