Core Nutrition

Achieving Optimum Nutrition

Excesses and deficiencies in the modern diet

The modern diet generally contains too many foods that are bad for us, and not enough foods that are good. Herbalife's core products are a great nutritional base to put you back on the path to optimum nutrition.

Herbalife Core Nutrition Programme

How would you like to be living at your absolute best? Nourished, healthier and raring to go? To be at your best you need to be in tip-top shape and following a healthy lifestyle.

The Herbalife range of top-quality nutrition products aims to provide the elements every body needs daily to maintain optimum health. Herbalife maximises this intelligent nutrition through unique formulations and high-quality ingredients.

Millions of people use  Herbalifes Formula 1,  Formula 2, Fibre and Herb and Thermojetic Beverage  every day for weight-management, sports nutrition, and all-round wellness.


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